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Episode 150: Insights from a Parent of College Recruits

November 29, 2022

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Being a parent of a collegiate athlete is far from easy. It can mean a lot of traveling and a lot of difficult decisions when deciding on colleges. Today’s guest, Lesley McShane, is both an athlete and the mother of two students who pursued collegiate sports in their college careers. She gives tips and tricks to parents on how they can make the process easier for their students and themselves. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Remove your own ego from the choices your children want to make. Listen to what your children wants from their college athletic career. 
  • If student-athletes are able to participate in practices, meet the team, or talk with the coach, take the opportunity to do so
  • Have your students do in-depth research but also be transparent about the limitations regarding finances so student-athletes can make a college list that is realistic
  • There are many different levels of college sports – D1 vs D3, Varsity vs Club, etc.
  • Narrow down your list with a set of pros and cons
  • Try to have a relationship with your student’s coach, if it feels appropriate to do so

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Meet Lesley McShane

Lesley McShane

Lesley McShane is a seasoned, award-winning communicator with a 30-year career in educational film and television. She has contributed work to many museums and historical installations, including the Museum of the American Revolution, Walt Disney’s Hall of Presidents, the National African-American Music Museum, and the Statue of Liberty Museum.

Lesley is a runner, competitive cyclist, and three-time National Cycling Champion. In the early 2000s, she started and coached a junior development cycling team in Louisville, Kentucky that led to many national championships, and awards, as well as, appearances in European racing, including several for her son.

She is also a writer and the host of the podcast, The New Old You with Lesley McShane and Redesigning Midlife, which focuses on the issues that women in the midlife face. She has spent the last three years encouraging other midlife women to redesign their own lives by developing consistent, healthy habits that will help them achieve whatever they want while in a community with others.

Thank you to Lesley for your insight on how parents can navigate the college process when their student is considering pursuing athletics. Starting early and keeping your student’s goals in mind is an effective way to narrow down what programs would be best for them during their time in college. 

Episode 150 Full Transcript

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