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Episode 148: Parents Helping Other Parents

November 15, 2022

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Parents are willing to do anything for their loved ones. They are the support system that their children lean on when times get hard. But that is far from an easy job. As today’s guest, Casie Fariello knows, parents need a safe platform where they can find others who share their struggles. Casie shares some advice she has learned from her own journey and what inspired the creation of Other Parents Like Me.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask open-ended questions when talking with your child about their challenges 
  • Encourage your children to make a pros and cons list when faced with a difficult decision
  • Parents – listen before commenting or offering advice when your child presents a scenario to you
  • Let your children advocate for themselves
  • Ask permission from your children before you help them. Sometimes when they reach out, they just need a listening ear, not necessarily a solution.
  • When transitioning to college, if your child is seeing a therapist, it is helpful to continue to work with them to ensure a smooth transition. They can be a valuable resource in case anything serious occurs during the college journey.

Important Resources and Links:


10 Ways to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Self-Care for Parents of Children with Mental Health Needs

Meet Casie Fariello

Casie Fariello

Casie Fariello worked for 26 years in the customer service industry, working as a flight attendant for United Airlines previously Continental. She is a qualified Peer Recovery Specialist in New Jersey. She created the program of parent support groups at In Balance Continuum of Care in Arizona in 2020. These support groups are now part of Other Parents Like Me.

Casie co-founded Other Parents Like Me which is a virtual membership platform that went live as in January of 2022. Their community is led by parents for parents of teens
and young adults struggling with mental health issues and/or substances. They have daily
support groups, live weekly speaker talks, and monthly expert panels, as well as thousands of resources. OPLM provides a safe and anonymous space for parents and caregivers.

Casie has three children that have catapulted her into learning about and focusing on self-care, self-discovery, self-regulation, and her own childhood trauma. Her oldest has severe anxiety and PTSD. Her middle has a pervasive feeling of being nothing and he has chosen substances to self-medicate. Her youngest has anxiety and depression as well as being on his own journey as an LGBTQ young adult in a tumultuous world. Casie has found that support groups have changed her life.

Thank you Casie for sharing your own personal story and how you and your family overcame your challenges. Your thoughtful advice on how parents can, not only help one another but also support their own children with a community like OPLM with help many families who are also struggling. Students need to advocate for their own needs but as a parent, you need to be there for your student, listen without judgment, and help them advocate when they are unable to help themselves.  

Episode 148 Full Transcript

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