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Episode 147: Staying Mentally Fit In College

November 8, 2022

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Staying fit is not just about working out. It also means maintaining good mental health. Today’s guest, Scott Lutostanski, can attest that a healthy mind leads to healthy habits. He gives advice to parents and students on how to be successful in college by staying mentally fit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students have to take the first step in becoming engaged when they first enter a college campus
  • Creating a schedule so you can get into a routine with classes, activities, sleep, etc is a good starting point to help students get organized and manage their time.
  • Schools have resources to help students keep mentally healthy. Students should know how to access and utilize these resources. 
  • If a student needs long-term and personalized aid, they may need to find resources outside of their university. 
  • Parents’ goal while their children are in college is to maintain a good relationship with them. 
  • Parents should also help their students, earlier rather than later, set up any accommodations they may need during their time in college. 
  • If it seems as though the student is pulling away or not doing well in regard to their mental health, parents should step in because it may be difficult for the student to advocate for their own needs.
  • When students come back home on breaks, they may revert back to their old habits. This is not uncommon, it happens all the time. What matters is for parents to maintain a good relationship with their students. 

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Meet Scott Lutostanski

scott Lutostanski

Scott Lutostanski began his career as a Special Education teacher in Chicago Public Schools. While working in special education, Scott also earned a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Argosy University and became a Licensed Professional Counselor. For six years, he worked at a private counseling practice in the suburbs of Chicago. He specialized in providing executive function coaching, academic coaching, and individual counseling for high-achieving, underperforming students.

Since 2016, Scott has been the Executive Director of State Street Education, a company that provides virtual, executive function coaching to college students. Scott and his team work with college students all over the country helping them succeed on campus.

Thank you Scott for all your advice on how students can stay mentally fit during their college experience. Your input on how students set a baseline so that they are engaged and productive during the school year is helpful in keeping fit mentally. Knowing how to help your students as they transition to college can be stressful for parents. You provided several important tips and guidance for parents on when and how often they should intervene after they drop their student off at college. 

Episode 147 Full Transcript

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