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Episode 145: Advice From a Former College Admissions Representative

October 25, 2022

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The college application process can be difficult to navigate, so what better way to prepare your student than to hear advice from a person who has worked in admissions both as a student and as a professional? Today’s guest, Beth Farias, has seen both sides of the desk in college admissions. She gives advice on how parents and students can effectively navigate through the college admission process through the eyes of an admission counselor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Higher institutions try to segment communications based on the information they have about your interests (ie majors, sports, activities). 
  • Students need to show some type of demonstrated interest by clicking on some emails, scrolling through the website, and signing up for webinars or campus events. Do not be the “stealth” applicant.
  • If students can’t visit an institution, students should try to engage online with the college.
  • When schools send out emails giving fee waivers/“priority” to scholarships, students should not stress about missing opportunities. If the school is a part of the Common App, they are not allowed to show preferred treatments to other applications.
  • Students should be doing most of the communications during the college application process as schools will see through if parents have written the email. 
  • Communication should be professional and thoughtful.
  • Do not ask questions that are easily found on the college website or open-ended questions. 
  • Colleges do have all communications and engagement you have had with the college which will be reviewed during the decision-making process.
  • If you have been deferred or waitlisted, be a “noise maker” and keep in touch with the admission representatives to show your continued interest.

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Meet Beth Farias

Beth Farias

Beth Farias has worked in the field of college admissions for almost two decades. She first developed a passion for the admission process as a student worker, admission ambassador, and summer tour guide in the Office of Admission at Providence College. 

Beth’s professional career in admission began in 2003 at Bryant University. As a Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Beth traveled throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic, visiting high schools, and reviewing applications. She’s read more than 10,000 essays! She also sat on the admissions marketing team, which helps her give families insight into how to interpret communications from colleges and how institutional priorities shape the admission process. 

During her time at Bryant University, Beth served as Treasurer and President of the Rhode Island Association of Admission Officers (RIAAO) and collaborated with admission professionals from all colleges and universities in Rhode Island. 

Thank you to Beth for your insightful tips about how students can show demonstrated interest and effectively communicate with admissions representatives throughout the college admission process. Colleges market their institutions and many times students receive a lot of marketing materials that will create uncertainty and stress. Take the time to thoughtful engage with the colleges you are interested in and don’t be that “stealth applicant”.

Episode 145 Full Transcript

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