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Episode 144: Tips for College Freshmen

October 18, 2022

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The transition from high school to freshman year of college can be difficult. However, with access to the many resources available, students can create meaningful relationships with mentors who can help with the many challenges that come with change. In today’s episode, Dr. Kerra Lynn Gazerro gives advice to first-year students on how they can make the most out of their college experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students have the “college euphoria” in the beginning of freshman year and then the reality sinks in mid-way through the semester. This is when students start to struggle.
  • The Pomodoro Method can help a student not feel overwhelmed. Put in 30 minutes of work and take a 15 minute break. Try to break things down into manageable steps. Decide what you have to get done and organize your schedule with “Pomodoro” breaks.
  • If you are struggling, talk to your professors. They care about your success. Advocating for yourself is a vital lesson to learn. 
  • Even if things don’t go the way that you expect, you have to learn to adapt. Sometimes unexpected classes can lead you to a new path. 
  • Learn to advocate for yourself. If you have a personality clash with an advisor or professor, talk to them and if things do not improve, seek advising elsewhere. If there is an elephant in the room, do not ignore it!

Important Resources and Links:

Dr. Kerra Lynn Gazerro

Meet Dr. Kerra Lynn Gazerro

Wheaton College

Dr. Kerra Lynn Gazerro has a twenty-five year career in higher education. Currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian Studies at Wheaton College in Norton, MA, she earned her PhD in Italian from the University of Chicago.  In addition to teaching language classes, Dr. Gazerro directs courses across the curriculum, including First-Year Experience.  When she isn’t engaged in academic projects, Dr. Gazerro is a yoga enthusiast and artisanal bread baker. She also loves spending time with her 10-year old Vizsla, Loki. 

Thank you Kerra for your advice on how students can make the transition easier to college easier during the 1st semester. Talk to your professors and go to office hours as professors want to help and you may even find a mentor. Try using the Pomoderro technique to be more efficient with your time and studying.

Episode 144 Full Transcript

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