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Episode 143: Self-Reflection and Your Personal Statement

October 11, 2022

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Self-reflection is not easy, but it can be rewarding. As today’s guest, Kate Stone, has observed through her students, a vital part of the college application process is understanding yourself. She gives advice on how to build a strong sense of self-awareness and how those skills can enhance your application allowing you to stand out as an applicant.

Key Takeaways:

  • The personal statement is hard because it is introspective, not necessarily because it has to be complex and formal.
  • Only write about vulnerability that you have worked through and have learned from. Do not write about trauma just to write about trauma. 
  • Parents: Talk less – – listen more! Foster a relationship based on trust where you truly listen to what your children are saying. 
  • Young adults are lacking in social emotional skills
  • Higher learning institutions are looking for students who have been on a personal development journey as it communicates to colleges and companies that you are resilient, curious, and hard working.
  • Be true and considerate in what you share in your essays or interviews. 
  • Writing about mental health issues can raise more flags to admissions as they may be concerned about how they will be able to support you during your educational journey.

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Meet Kate Stone

Kate Stone

A decade into coaching students through the college application process (University Gurus), Kate Stone realized that teenagers were lacking vital social and emotional skills essential to become an empowered adult in a transforming world. Now, Kate helps girls liberate themselves from the turmoil of young adulthood. She’s studied education, counseling, and spirituality at New York University and as a Princeton University Teaching Fellow in Asia. Kate’s HeartSpeak program offers students the tools for navigating their minds, emotions, bodies, and relationships. Kate has worked with hundreds of students who have gained acceptance to dozens of excellent institutions, including but not limited to Columbia University, Stanford, University of Chicago, NYU, Brown, Berkeley, UPenn, and USC.

Thank you Ricardo for sharing such valuable information on what international students need to consider when applying to American universities. If they are not able to get into their top choice school, they can first attend a community college and then transfer. Once the student gets into the college of their choice, they will have to navigate language barriers. The best thing that students can do is speak up and ask questions. They should feel comfortable seeking help from other students, professors, and advisors. Everyone is there to help them and wants to see them succeed.

Episode 143 Full Transcript

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