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Episode 142: Nailing Your Audition or Interview For a BFA Program

October 4, 2022

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Do you want to apply to a fine or performing arts program? The application process differs from other college applications requiring portfolios, auditions and interviews. It can be a daunting experience. However, today’s guest, Chuck Erickson, reassures us that as long as students are prepared and passionate about what they do, they will perform strongly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start earlier than you originally planned. The application process for fine and performing arts is more detailed requiring more time.
  • Know what each college needs for their application process. Requirements can vary from college to college. Make sure that the colleges you apply to have the program that fits your needs. Take the time to look at the requirements of each institution specifically in regards to the audition.
  • Be prepared. Practice your pieces in your audition outfit. Bring extra copies of your music to the audition and spare parts for your instrument. 
  • Do not forget to eat and get enough sleep beforehand. Students should look refreshed and ready when they arrive for each audition.

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Meet Chuck Erickson

Chuck Erickson is in his seventh year as an Independent Educational Consultant with College Connectors and is a professional member of IECA and HECA. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to College Connectors, and truly understands the college fit. He uses his breadth of experience working with thousands of unique and diverse students to think holistically about his clients’ educational goals. He has worked in undergraduate admissions, conservatory admissions, disability services, residence life, LGBT student services, and academic advising. He is committed to helping students and families while making the college search process fun and exciting.

Chuck received his Bachelor of Music (Choral/General Music Education) and Bachelor of Arts (Spanish) degrees from Lawrence University. He also holds a Master of Education in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (Higher Education/Student Affairs) from Iowa State University. A native Yooper (that’s the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the non-natives), Chuck resides in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Thank you Chuck for taking the time to share such insightful advice on how to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Performing Arts. Students should base their search for schools on the programs offered by each university or college that best fit their goals as performers. In order to make auditions less of a daunting experience, students should be thorough in their preparation but also remember the audition is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, passion, and personality.


Episode 142 Full Transcript

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