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Episode 14: Why I Took a Gap Year and the Launch of The BlissBean


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We are reaching out to students who have taken a gap year to ask them for their advice, guidance, and stories learned from their intentional gap years. There are gap year programs available that provide a structured year for learning and service opportunities. However, students also choose to take a self-directed gap year. Beatričė provides helpful tips on how she approached taking a gap year: her plans, her goals, and intentions. She created an itinerary to learn, work, and travel in Europe from her experiences. As a successful YouTuber and blogger, Beatričė also enlightened us on her journey creating The Bliss Bean.




Key Takeaways:

  • How to Set an Intentional Gap Year
  • Benefits of a Gap Year
  • Helpful resources available
  • The Bliss Bean

Important Resources and Links:

Meet Beatričė

The Bliss Bean


Beatrice is the creator behind the Bliss Bean, a self-improvement and productivity blog and YouTube channel, which has 75,000+ subscribers, and in her spare time loves to study languages, read, and travel. Beatrice was born in Lithuania and immigrated to Wisconsin with her parents at the age of 4. She is currently on a post-high school gap year doing freelance photography and traveling for two months. Beatrice is gearing up to study Communications and Digital Media at IE University in Spain in the fall. 


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Episode 14 Full Transcript


Episode 14 - Why I Choose a Gap Year and The Blissbean


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