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Episode 137: How is the Lack of Connection to Community Negatively Impacting Our Students?

August 30, 2022

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Mental health has become an increasingly popular topic as stress among high school and college students is at an all time high. While overcoming this obstacle can be difficult, finding a school community that supports your academic and social ventures can be helpful. On today’s podcast, we are joined by Noa Bejar, who has been working with students for almost 14 years. She shares with us the importance of community support and advice on how students can stay connected with their peers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students are using technology to hide and not connect with their community. This has negatively impacted the mental health of our students.
  • Students need to catch their breadth and get to know who they are to gain the life skills to thrive in not only college but in their career and life going forward
  • Gap year programs can be incredibly helpful for students to gain the skills they need to succeed in college
  • Parents can help their student alleviate stress levels. Schedule school visits, read emails, and sign them up for their SAT/ACT
  • Figure out what type of study environment your student needs in order to thrive. What college environment suits their learning style?
  • When you tour a campus, observe how engaged the students are with each other and their overall community
  • There can be more than one perfect college fit
  • Reassure your student that they can be happy in more than one place. What matters is how they make the most out of their experiences

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Meet Noa Bejar

Noa Bejar has been working as a college guidance counselor for almost 14 years. She consults with new Jewish day schools developing their college guidance program, helps train counselors transitioning to the Jewish day school world, and guides students navigating the college landscape. Noa works at Katz Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton, FL.

Thank you Noa for sharing how students can find mental health support within their community. By identifying a student’s learning style, it will allow them to better understand what type of environment they need in order to thrive in a college setting. Through your comforting words, you are able to reassure students and parents by mentioning that there can be more than one perfect college fit, which lightens the weight of a decision that can feel very overwhelming.

Episode 137 Full Transcript

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