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Episode 135: Set Your Goals Before School Starts with Guest Dr. P

August 16, 2022

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Regardless of if you are a student starting a new school year, an entrepreneur preparing to launch a small business, or seasoned academic, setting goals is a vital component of being successful. As our guest, Dr. Dominique P., founder of Crimson Coaching, will attest, goals with a plan will become reality. In this episode, Dr. P. gives advice on how to approach goal setting regardless of the environment you find yourself in.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important that the goals you set for yourself are realistic and achievable in terms of the goal itself and the time frame you wish to complete them.
  • Fill out an action plan of the series of steps you are going to take in order to achieve that goal. 
  • When in a Zoom environment, act as if you are in a normal classroom, put away distractions, and participate as much as you are able to. 
  • Turning your camera on, coming to office hours, and making the extra effort to connect with your fellow classmates or your instructors can help your overall knowledge and engagement with the course material.
  • For entrepreneurs: find the balance between passion and education.
  • A mentor could be helpful by giving advice or bouncing ideas. This mentor can be a professor, teacher, or even an older student.

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Meet Dr. P

A classroom high school teacher for over a decade, Dr. P. founded Crimson Coaching LLC in 2014 to help students fulfill their academic and life goals.  Dr. P. conducts 99% of Crimson Coaching’s private tutoring sessions herself, working directly with students across the globe on college application essays and analytical writing; SAT, ACT, and AP exam prep; history, English, Spanish and French; and time management and study skills.  Dr. P. now also serves as an adjunct professor of American history at the City University of New York.

Dr. P. graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and went on to earn a master’s degree in secondary education and a doctoral degree in history.  Her rare combination of academic excellence and practical experience has enabled to help students with learning disabilities as well as those who have gone on to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and other top U.S. universities.  

Thank you Dr. P. for giving insight into what a realistic and achievable goal is and pointing out that outlining an action plan is important for ensuring that you stay on track to fulfill that goal. Your advice on finding mentors who support your goals and share your drive for success allows students to feel more confident knowing how to “make the ask”  for mentorship.

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