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Episode 134: Conversations Every Parent Should Have With Their College-Bound Student

August 9, 2022

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Going to college is a big step and can be an overwhelming process. Before students decide where they want to go, there are conversations that students and parents should have with each other, such as talking about finances, expectations, and safety. On today’s podcast, we are joined by Karime Jankaukas to talk about advice on how to have these conversations. While they may look different for each family, these conversations are nevertheless important to have before going to college so that students are set up for success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find trustworthy adults and available resources that can help your student overcome a challenge. Know how to contact them
  • Have a discussion about spending money outside of the tuition cost. This includes joining a sorority, eating out, and laundry facilities
  • Be clear about your expectations for your child in terms of their academic performance, involvement in extracurriculars, budgeting, and communication

Important Resources and Links:

College Savvy Consulting

Heathcare Proxy 


Meet Karime Jankaukas

Karime Jankaukas started her career as a research, technical support and product development chemist. From there she started, ran and then sold a graphics/sign business. After spending some time at home raising her 3 daughters, she volunteered at a Community Career Center for several years and then began the colleges search journey with her children.

Karime attained her graduate certificate in college advising from UC Irvine, volunteered at Street Squash in Newark, NJ, eventually launching her own college advising business, CollegeSavvy Consulting.  She is a member of HECA; IECA; NCAG; NJACAC; SACAC and a member of the IECA Subcommittee on College Affordability (SOCA) Chicagoland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and now, North Carolina have all been called home. When time allows, she loves playing tennis and golf.

Thank you Karime for taking the time to give advice on how families should approach these important conversations before students go off to college. Your insight on setting clear expectations for students and parents allows both parties to be on the same page, which will prevent future stress from happening during the student’s college experience.

Episode 134 Full Transcript

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