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Episode 127: What Do Coaches Look For in a College Recruit

June 21, 2022

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On today’s podcast, we talk to Amy Bryant, the Founder of Bryant College Coaching and an NCAA head coach and former player. Amy talks to us about what students can expect during the college recruiting process and the importance of being well prepared to get recruited.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be prepared by conducting research before reaching out to coaches.
  • There are three things that coaches look for when they are recruiting: Can the student get academically admitted? Are they capable of being on the team? Are they able to afford the school?
  • Coaches will not make decisions about a prospect based solely on highlights.
  • Only seeking one person’s help while trying to be recruited will narrow your choices. Instead, students should seek as many opportunities and contacts as possible.

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Bryant College Coaching

Meet Amy Bryant

Amy Bryant coached college sports for 23 years. During that time she mentored bright and motivated student-athletes to claim 18 NCAA national championships.  She started Bryant College Coaching in 2019 to provide the same opportunity for growth and success to student-athletes in high school.  Since then she has coached student-athletes to find their best-fit college in over 10 sports.  She attended the IECA Summer Training Institute in 2020, received a diploma in Executive Coaching in 2020 and a Masters in Sports Administration in 2002. 

Thank you Amy for helping us better understand the college recruiting process. Through her experience as both an athlete and head coach, she shared a bunch of information on how to not only navigate the recruiting process, but also how to determine which program is the right fit for a student.


Episode 127 Full Transcript

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