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Episode 124: Raise Your Hand If You Are Undecided?

May 31, 2022

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Oftentimes, people are worried about entering college as an undeclared major. On today’s podcast, we speak with Aaron Basko, a leader in the field of higher education, about how there is nothing wrong with students not knowing what they want to study when they initially begin college. Although waiting to declare a major is often stigmatized, students are able to form relationships with faculty members across multiple disciplines who can help guide them in the right direction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being undecided isn’t a bad thing. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to explore. 
  • Deciding on a major can be tough. Think about what areas you excel in and how they can tie into a future career. 
  • To choose your major, talk to adults in your personal life or faculty members at your college or university. 
  • Don’t wait to talk to career services. Go there early and ask for help. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from administrative assistants, professors, or advisors.
  • Focus on declaring a major and recognize that it is ok to be undecided.

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Meet Aaron Basko

Aaron Basko is an educator, author, and thought leader in higher education. For the last 25 years, Aaron has served in leadership positions at five different colleges and universities, guiding them to healthier and more strategic enrollment. A frequent contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Education and other higher education-focused publications, Aaron also consults for institutions on process improvement in enrollment, retention, and career services. An international travel and language enthusiast, Aaron was selected as a Fulbright International Education Administrator scholar in 2015 to Japan, promoting international student mobility. Aaron currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services at the University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Thank you Aaron for joining us to talk about the stigma of coming into college as an undeclared major. As Aaron mentioned, there is no shame in being undecided. Rather, it’s a good opportunity to learn more about many different career paths and what works best for you. Talk to faculty members about what their programs entail. They will happily answer any questions you may have and try to guide you to the best of their abilities. Follow Aaron Basko on LinkedIn or read his insightful articles for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Episode 124 Full Transcript

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