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Episode 125: From the Desk of a High School College Counselor

June 7, 2022

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When students are touring college campuses, it is easy for them to get overwhelmed by a host of new information and their surroundings. But, it does not have to be a stressful process. On today’s podcast, we are joined by Ann LaFemina to discuss the importance of college counselors and how they can help students in the college search process.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best way to learn about colleges is to go on campus tours to gain exposure and experience.
  • It’s okay to start with a college close by that you may not be completely interested in because it’s first important to understand how tours work.
  • The role of a guidance counselor is to help you through the process. Build a relationship with them and seek out their help.
  • Even if a college does not have your desired major, don’t count them out. Ask questions about related majors and the career paths following them because they just might line up with your aspirations as well.
  • If you like a particular school, visit them at different times in the day to gain a better understanding of the campus lifestyle.

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Meet Ann LaFemina

Ann LaFemina’s involvement in education has spanned over thirty years. She began her career as an elementary school teacher and served as an adjunct professor at Dowling College, preparing undergraduate elementary education majors for a career in teaching. Her first entry into college admissions was through the experiences she had with her four children. After moving to Florida in 2010, she established her independent college consultant practice and worked with students in all areas of the college admissions process. During this time, she focused much of her attention on working with students pursuing visual and performing arts. In addition, Ann has been a guest speaker at local area high schools, where she has shared her knowledge of the college selection and application process. As her client base grew, she was introduced to students of all backgrounds and varied interests. These opportunities allowed her to grow professionally, and in 2017, Ann began her current position as the College Counselor at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School. She immediately went to work to implement a comprehensive college preparatory program to best prepare the students for successful post-secondary outcomes. In 2020, Ann was appointed Chair of the Academic Services Department and has maintained her college counselor role. Ann guides hundreds of students and families on all aspects of college admissions seeking many considerations within their post-secondary options.​

Thank you Ann for sharing your knowledge on college tours and the admissions process from the perspective of a college counselor. Ann discussed a handful of tips and recommendations on how to utilize a counselor’s abilities and knowledge to find the right college or university for a student. Parents – listen to your students, embrace the journey, and let your students take charge. However, the process can be overwhelming and students sometimes do not know where to start and often need their hand held. Students – your college counselor wants to help you and they are a tremendous resource for you. Get to know them so that they can advocate for you. 

Episode 125 Full Transcript

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