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Ethan Knight

Episode 12 – Meet Ethan Knight, Executive Director and Founder of Gap Year Association


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With schools announcing their plans for the fall of 2020, many students and families are wondering what options are available for a gap year experience. As a veteran in the industry and the Founder and Executive Director of the Gap Year Association, Ethan Knight and his team have been working hard with their members and gap year programs to communicate all of the changes and opportunities available through the Gap Year Association website. Ethan will discuss the benefits of a gap year, the resources available through the Gap Year Association, and what opportunities are available now for students in 2020/2021.



Key Takeaways:

  • Gap Year Program Benefits
  • Four pillars of the Gap Year Association
  • How gap year programs are adapting
  • Fast-tracking domestic programs
  • The logistics of testing for coronavirus on gap year programs
  • Tips for students contemplating taking a gap year
  • Why gap year consultants are beneficial
  • Why reserving a spot in a gap year program is a good back up plan in case your college decides to operate completely online for 2020-2021

Important Resources and Links:

Gap Year Association

Your Planning Guide to the Ultimate Gap Year

Universities Deferral Policies



Meet Ethan Knight



Ethan Knight is from Portland, Oregon. A graduate of Catlin Gabel high school and Willamette University, he is also a “Gapper.” Ethan has been working within the world of gap years since 1996 when he took his own gap year to India, Nepal, and Tibet. Back in those days, the only option to taking an official gap year was through the Center for Interim Programs, and that's exactly how he first heard about this strange thing called a gap year. After an inspiring talk at his high school, he started a conversation with Interim Programs to discuss what would eventually turn into his own sojourn. Ethan graduated from Willamette University – a small liberal arts university – with majors in English and Philosophy, and a minor in Environmental Sciences.

As the Executive Director and Founder of the Gap Year Association, Ethan and his team focused on four core areas: Research, Equity & Access, Resources, and finally Standards and Accreditation. GYA has over 400 members and represents more than 150 gap year programs.



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Episode 12 Full Transcript


Episode 12 - Meet Ethan Knight


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