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Episode 103: Leadership 101

January 4, 2022

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Leadership. It’s not just a buzzword for college applications, but rather the continuous process of exhibiting qualities that motivate others to follow and trust you. On today’s episode, our guest Jim Bell, M.Ed., will give you advice on several characteristics of strong leaders. And, how through his years of experience, he has helped students develop leadership skills through his programs and guidance.

Key Takeaways:

  • You have to work hard, even after you ‘make it big’
  • Two main qualities of strong leaders – Integrity and Character 
  • If people don’t trust you, they will not follow you
  • Find projects that get you excited
  • Do not just ‘show up’ – be an active member of your class, team, or work environment
  • If you feel homesick during your 1st semester at college, wait the semester out and see how it goes. It takes time to adjust.
  • Parents: resist the urge to take your student home when they initially express their disappointment and unhappiness at college. Let them work out their issues and concerns themselves. Get comfortable with discomfort.

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Capstone College and Career Advising

Meet Jim Bell

During his 20-year career in secondary education, Jim Bell, M.Ed., served in many capacities: teacher, principal, head of school and various other roles. He has trained and supervised countless educators; he became a sought-after speaker and mentor -working with faculties, school boards, and community groups. But his heart was always in working with students, and in building relationships with students and parents. As the CEO and owner of Capstone College Advising, Jim has found the perfect role, devoting his decades of experience to the critical task of helping young people create and then reach their goals.

Jim holds a B.S. in History from The University of Texas at Tyler and he earned his M.Ed. from Texas Christian University.

Thank you Jim for joining us today to share your stories of leadership through your work as an educator, coach, mentor, peer, and administrator. Leading by example as Nolan Ryan shared with you and your students is critical to gaining the trust and respect from your team in order to be successful whether it is in the classroom, sports field, or workplace. Working hard each and every day and not being afraid to get your hands dirty will demonstrate your work ethic and endear yourself to your fellow classmates, teammates, or work  colleagues. As parents, we have to let our kids work out their problems on their own before jumping in “to help”. Many times it is through our failures or most challenging times when we learn the most about ourselves and as a result, grow. Adjusting to college life is not easy but with a strong foundation, network, and mental resilience, students will thrive not only in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well. 

Episode 103 Full Transcript

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