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Episode 100: The Power of Mentorship

November 30, 2021

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What makes a great mentor? Someone who helps us when we are stuck, encourages us when we are excelling, and provides a sounding board when we need one. Mentors provide a new perspective on situations with a fresh set of eyes. Jake Horne founded The Student Compass to support young adults as they prepare to transition to our ever-changing and transforming new world. An increasing percentage of students are entering the workforce unprepared. The traditional way of teaching needs to change in order for students to be competitive in the marketplace. Experiential learning is one way students can strengthen and demonstrate their communications, critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. Jake joins us today to share his thoughts on education reform and the power of mentorship.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Teach in a way that students will get engaged and be curious
  • The traditional 150 year old educational model does not work for all students
  • Create a student directed and student empowered experiential education – students thrive in this type of learning environment setting them up for success
  • Experiential learning allows students to learn by doing 
  • Institutionally the educational model, curriculum and assessment models are set up in a way, with subjects in silos, without any crossover.
  • We need to focus on lateral thinking as a teaching method
  • Students are entering the workforce without the basic skill sets: critical thinking, problem solving, effective communications skills, reflectivity and self-agency.
  • The assessment and testing business is a huge business which needs to be overhauled 
  • The importance of taking a gap year allows students time to reflect and to think. It is a time when real learning occurs and students come back to school with a different outlook and life skills that allow them to thrive both in and out of the classroom.
  • Boredom drives creativity
  • Our society today encourages people to be distracted. We like when people are constantly “busy” but in reality the real innovators take time out to decompress and let their mind just rest.
  • Businesses wants employees who have the capacity to reflect, adapt, and think laterally
  • Mentoring is a relationship built on trust. A good mentor listens, asks really pointed and reflective questions, and provides advice and direction.
  • Students need to be open, positive, and self-assured when working with their mentors

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Meet Jake Horne

Mentoring students

Originally from Boston, and schooled in the independent school world, Jake Horne graduated from Harvard and completing Masters Programs at the University of Hartford (MEd) and Trinity College (MA), Jake founded several ventures in the renewable energy field spanning from the late 1970’s through mid-1980s, focusing on renewable energy public policy, small scale hydroelectric, and windmill energy design and production. Jake shifted into the world of secondary education in the mid-eighties, after realizing the power of teaching and the unmet needs students have (esp. secondary  school students), who have oodles of questions about ideas, life and purpose and minimal opportunity to pursue inquiry with older experienced and thoughtful mentors. This evolved into Jake’s  life-long passion of working with high school and college students; initially as a secondary school college advisor, Admissions Director, and United States History teacher and student advisor.

Jake founded The Student Compass in 2006 as a mentoring and resource organization designed to support students in future planning, developing self-awareness, self-agency, forward thinking habits in planning, and in forming strategies to act on those plans. With so much change and turmoil bubbling up through the social institutions in the new Millenium, the rules changed for what being a valued person in this new World is, both in the work force and in social relations. There was an evolving sense that the rat-race of 20th century corporate culture was increasingly becoming out of sync with the Gen Z’s changing view of what a successful life constitutes. This generation is looking to thrive in their world endeavors, in careers and social life, with a more balanced and meaningful life.

The Student Compass is committed to supporting young adults in becoming better prepared to take on the new complexities and challenges so rapidly and dramatically transforming this new world.

`Thank you Jake for a rich discussion on how our education system needs to change and how we need to embrace a more experiential approach that celebrates lateral thinking. Companies are looking for employees who can: think outside of the box, innovative, problem solve, work independently, communicate effectively and be a valuable member of a team. As an educator and mentor for many years, Jake shared the importance of mentorship as a means of growing, learning, and expanding your network. Find a mentor who you trust, who is willing to challenge you and who will help you learn and thrive personally, academically and professionally. 

Episode 100 Full Transcript

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