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Episode 10: Choosing a Gap Year Program That’s the Right Fit for You with Guest Marion Taylor

June 25, 2020

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Gap semesters and gap year programs have become more popular in the last ten-fifteen years with students finding value in taking an intentional gap year before starting their college adventure. Colleges are more accepting and adaptable to students taking a gap semester and many even encourage a gap semester or year program before starting freshman year. Students return from their experience with a more worldly view, practical experience, independence, and self-reliance. Studies have shown the benefits of a gap year include higher GPAs, an increase in 4-year graduation rates, and an increase in job satisfaction.

Marion Taylor is the Owner and Founder of Taylor the Gap, a personalized inclusive gap year consulting service that shares her insights on how to choose a gap year program that’s the right fit for you or your student.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Gap Year Association is a resource for students and parents
  • Questions students considering a gap year should consider
  • How gap year programs are adapting to COVID-19
  • Balancing student’s wishes with parents’ desires for safety and financial considerations
  • Things to consider when choosing a gap year program
  • Re-entry programs and transition services for reverse-culture shock 
  • Benefits of a gap year 
  • Options for next year depending on levels of quarantine/border control due to the virus
  • Advice for parents 

Important Resources and Links:

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Meet Marion Taylor

Gap Year Programs

Born and raised in Colorado, Marion Taylor is married and the mother of four children ranging in ages from 23-32 who all grew from their personal gap experiences. Her parenting perspective of four “gappers” and 35 years of social work experience with non-profit organizations and foundations focused on families, women, and children distinguish her as a qualified accredited gap year counselors in the industry. Marion collaborates with students of any age, orientation, and economic background, and believes in the importance of student engagement and ownership when exploring gap options. She offers financial assistance to diverse students of all means. She also serves as the keynote speaker at gap year fairs across the country, and at high school and colleges in Colorado.

Thank you Marion for sharing your insights and guidance for students contemplating a gap year. Knowing the questions to ask, the types of programs available, and how to vet out the right program are all very important for families to consider when researching a gap year program.

Episode 10 Full Transcript

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