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Can I just email the college coach for my child?

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As parents, we are always trying to help our children, but sometimes we offer the wrong type of help. We are always up for brainstorming with our kids to talk through issues before they tackle them, but the objective is and always has been for our children to get comfortable and confident to address their problems on their own. Recently I talked with Renee Lopez, a former coach, speaker, and author of ¬†“Looking For a Full Ride? An Insider's Recruiting Guide”, who shared her thoughts on the subject. If you have a high school athlete, read this insightful post about the importance of athletes reaching out to coaches directly.


If Renee's post does not resonate with families, Becky Carlson wrote a great piece titled, “An Open Letter to the Athlete We Must Stop Recruiting”. I promptly sent this one out to my kids. Becky, the head women's rugby coach at Quinnipiac University, has a great story which is well worth the quick read.


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