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“What an incredible resource for high school students – wish I had this when I was visiting colleges.”

Boston University

“I love how College Scoops shares student’s favorite places to eat, study, and explore around campus! What a helpful resource for prospective students!”


“The cool thing about College Scoops is that it offers real students sound bites about campus life.”


College Scoops makes researching colleges fun and easy with helpful tips and advice from college students.”


“Exploring campus through a student’s lens makes college visits fun!”

University of Richmond

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These days, not every prospective college student has the ability to visit a college campus. Sharing your campus insights with these prospective students will help them learn about the college and will help you to grow your network and build your resume!

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College Scoops provides students with opportunities to develop their skills in a variety of disciplines from video production, editorial copywriting, new product development and social media marketing. Most importantly, I was given the opportunity to lead a team of new interns further developing my leadership and project management skills.

My time at College Scoops has been spent learning a variety of new skills and meeting some great people. Moira and her team have been amazing and have set me on a great path for future success.

My experience working at College Scoops has been great! I have had the opportunity to continuously develop my skills and work on a variety of projects that directly relate to my interests. This internship has also helped me discover my passion for writing and the editorial process, which is something that I can take into my future career.

At College Scoops I have had the incredible opportunity to exercise agency in the work I do. I am learning to lead teams, take on marketing initiatives, organize video creation processes, and dabble in so many different areas of interest, all while contributing to the growth of a company that I believe in. Interning at College Scoops has been a rewarding experience in so many ways and an amazing place to build professional skills while still in school.

College Scoops has given me a great opportunity to both refine my writing skills, and to be a part of a team! The large variety of projects has allowed me to explore a number of different interests, and I’ve always felt both respected and valued as a member of the College Scoops family.

College Scoops has highly developed my data entry and organization skills, which are essential to the field I plan on pursuing. I am currently a Statistics major at UVA and hope to enter a career that focuses largely on data manipulation and analysis. My work at College Scoops will have provided a solid foundation of practical skills for my future career. Interning at College Scoops has also refined my attention to detail, which is a valuable skill to have in various professional and academic environments.

As an intern at College Scoops, I was given the perfect amount of freedom to manage my time and hours I worked, learn new software, provide creative suggestions that were taken seriously and implemented, while also having direct support from the CEO of College Scoops, Moira.

The College Scoops team is a great group of people to work with, and this position helped me build extensive experience for future careers.

My experience as an intern and student ambassador at College Scoops is invaluable. I learned so many real life skills such as time management, web marketing, organization, website editing and more while simultaneously being able to help high school students around the world. It’s been an incredibly positive experience working for Moira and the rest of the College Scoops team.

I love the independence and responsibility of individual projects, but the autonomy that is given to the intern team is also balanced with collaborative meetings and helpful feedback. The opportunity to work at College Scoops has allowed me to hone imperative skills that will help me in whatever future careers I want to pursue. But most importantly, the work that we accomplish helps both students and guardians during the transition from high school to college. And the feeling we are making a positive impact on people is priceless.

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