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Whether you‘re online, visiting, or living there

Going to college? You’ve got questions.

What’s it like at this school?
Where should we go when we visit?
Now that I’m here, how do I find out about all the best stuff and never miss out?


College Scoops has answers.

With a College Scoops Membership: choose the best school for you, make your college trip better, and have the best college experience.

All the latest information updated BY STUDENTS, FOR STUDENTS.  

We go beyond the data to give you an AUTHENTIC COLLEGE EXPERIENCE.

College Scoops gives you the REAL CAMPUS EXPERIENCE, Virtually and IRL.

Interactive with links to everything. Where to live, study, eat. WHERE TO GO and WHAT TO DO. All in one place.

Be in the knowWith College Scoops, you’ll NAVIGATE CAMPUS LIFE WITH EASE.

college scoops testimonials


“Wish I had College Scoops when I was looking at schools as it provides answers to many of the questions you can’t find elsewhere.”

Elena, Boston College student

College Scoops…hitting perfect de-stressing notes… provides helpful info for families in the angsty college application process”

Pat, Founder College Application Camp and Essay

“College Scoops saved a tremendous amount of MY time by doing the research for me not only on and around campus but also providing fun non-college-related excursions along the way.”

Deb, Parent

College Scoops is the ultimate guide for:

Prospective Students

Get the inside SCOOP on life at college. Decide where to apply, get self-guided tours, pick the school for you, and come prepared.

College Students

Get tips to make college living better. From where to live to where to get the best pizza, we’ve got your covered.


Get info on self-guided tours and where to eat and stay. Help your child decide where to go. Know they made smart choices.

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